Sage Incense Smudge Sticks 4" Long (6-Pack Box)

Scent: Palo Santo
Sale price$24.99


Dive into an invigorating oasis of freshness with Odor Buddy's Sage Smudge Sticks. Harmoniously uniting the brisk essence of eucalyptus with the age-old purifying properties of sage, these smudge sticks serve as a rejuvenating balm for both the spirit and space.

  • Refreshing Synergy: Infusing the cool, minty undertones of eucalyptus with sage's clarifying aura, these smudge sticks promise a vibrant and energizing smudging experience.
  • Precision Craftsmanship: Measuring 4 inches, each stick is meticulously crafted by Odor Buddy, ensuring a rich and unwavering aroma throughout its burn.
  • Clarity & Cleanliness: Channel the cleansing capabilities of eucalyptus and sage to banish negativity and infuse your surroundings with pristine, refreshing energy.
  • Revitalizing Benefits: The eucalyptus-sage blend not only refreshes spaces but also aids in alleviating mental fatigue, fostering focus, and promoting clear breathing.
  • Eco-Driven Dedication: With a conscious approach to our planet, Odor Buddy ensures that every ingredient is ethically and sustainably sourced, reflecting a commitment to quality and ecology.
  • A Scent for All Settings: Ideal for enlivening meditation corners, enhancing yoga sessions, or simply refreshing living spaces, these smudge sticks offer versatility in aromatic delight.
  • Sophisticated Packaging: Housed in a sleek and stylish package, they stand out as a perfect gift choice for aroma enthusiasts, wellness seekers, or loved ones in need of a sensory uplift.

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